Friday, February 23, 2018

Smalls Sal February

Hi stitchers, how's it going?

So for February Smalls I've stitched the following 

Blue Chick by mill hill. A Easter gift for my sister.

3 Little Words by Lizzie Kate. Sad she announced her retirement. I just got into her charts. I have the ones I wanted and one will hopefully still get posted to me, so I'm good. Her charts are going fast.

Holiday spirit word by Lizzie Kate 

And last is my word month stitched with Weeks Dye Works Bethlehem 

So that's it. Happy Stitching everyone and thanks for all your comments.

Monday, February 19, 2018

A Quaker And A Fairy Finish

Hi stitchers

The start of the week I didn't get a lot of stitching time so not a lot on my Halloween Quaker.


And now

I was to stitch the Quaker all week but I felt like a finish and something purple because of my stitchy box that I got.

Here is my Fairy finish by Shannon Wasilieff, it was in the world of cross stitching magazine.

This is the magazine picture to show you that I didn't do all the beads around her and the string thing at the butt. I used over a pack of mill hill 02010 beads as is and didn't want to get more. I don't think it really needs it anyway. 

I love her, so pretty. 
Thanks for all your comments, I now try and answer any questions under the comment. So if you have asked me something this year look in the comments please. 
Untill next time
Happy Stitching!!!

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Stitchy Box Purple (I show what's inside)

Hi stitchers, I got my first stitchy box in the mail today and had fun opening all 15 little packages.

The purple box

And what's inside 

So I got

1 Silk n colors grape soda thread. So pretty.
2 Needle minder. It's like a sea shell in purple. Love it.
3 size 11 seed beads Ceylon c/l hyacinth. Pretty.
4 Lace. Pretty.
5 Gentle Art thread limited edition.
6 Amethyst Drop
7 size 11 seed beads Rosaline purple lined
8 size 14 Aida Monet by picture this plus
9 buttons ( look more blue then purple)
10 Weeks Dye Works Amethyst thread
11 Purple fabric for finishing.
12 crystals with holes in the middle. Pretty 
13 Pearl beads
14 size 11 seed beads frosted purple rainbow
15 Gloriana thread in Olallieberry.

That's it. I liked everything in the box but wish there had been a chart too.

Now I feel I need to get a chart that uses a lot of purple. Might have a look around.

Happy Stitching!!

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Blue Chick Finished

Hi stitchers,

I have a finish with Blue Chick by mill hill.

If you ever plan to stitch the blue chick or any of the chicks by mill hill and want to stitch the back you will need to get more perforated paper as you only get one for the front.

I put 3 cotton balls inside to puff it up a little. Think my sister will like it?

I also used my dmc as I was having problems shorting out the colors. I don't know why but it was just better that way.

Happy Stitching!!

Monday, February 5, 2018

Words and More

Hi stitchers

It's time for my stitchy words week in my loose rotation. I say loose because it changes per month but a few things stay the same.

Lot of stitching to show.

A new start with Lizzie Kate 3 little words. Stitching them all with dmc, on fabric 16 count Aida stone by sew it all.

My month stitched with weeks dye works bethlehem. I love the color combo in this.

Lizzie Kate Holiday Spirit charms get put on at end. I'm also going to play with colors as white is not good with this fabric. Might use grey.

Next I had a travel project this week, let it snow. Mum got her hair done and I had to wait so why not take cross stitch and get a drink in a cafe. My first time stitching this way. I got a few looks but no one asked what I was doing. I have another day that let it snow will travel with me this month see how it goes.

Here is before 

And now

The last one is a new start, a gift for my sister at Easter. Blue Chick.

I'm stitching the back too. Not much blue in the front. Most of the white holes are for beads.
I really like stitching on this one.

So that's my week of stitching, until next time happy stitching everyone!!!

Monday, January 29, 2018

2 WIP's

Hi stitchers

It's been really hot the last few days today it's 33C or 91F and last night was so hot I'm lucky I got any sleep. I'm sure I've told you I hate summer but I really hate summer nights.

Hard to stitch when it's hot.

So Wips 

123 stitch before 

And now

Mini pirate before 

And now with page 8 finished, she has a sword and it was a pain to stitch.

So want her done this year and I think it will happen.

I'm now on page 11 as you can see but she gets put away.

I've gone in to the lakeside needlecraft seasonal streets Sal because it's by Shannon Christine and I love her right now. I don't think I will be stitching it this year as I have Lizzie Kate but maybe for next year's small Sal who knows. I need to get fabric for it too.

Here is part one. Not my stitching but a picture.

Thanks for all your nice comments and happy stitching!!!

Friday, January 26, 2018

Smalls Sal January

Hi stitchers

My first post for the smalls Sal run by Stitching Lotus.

January I stitched 

Geisha by Joan Elliott I gave this to a friend who loves it.

Hello February without the hello stitched with Weeks Dye Works Jealousy 

I'm stitching Lizzie Kate Holiday Spirit 
I'm thinking of changing the white as you don't really see it on the fabric.

I also stitched The Summer Flower by Jeannette Douglas. 

So lots of small ones in January to kick off the Sal.

Hope everyone is doing great and getting lots of stitching in.
Happy Stitching!!